Samantha Cheryl Mathurin

Samantha Mathurin is the Research & Planning Coordinator at Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, Inc. (NHSNYC). Her primary responsibilities include data collection, analysis and management; reporting for internal and external sources, including all government and private-sector funders, as well as providing training and technical support about NHSNYC’s client software.

Ms. Mathurin joined NHSNYC in 2006 on a temporary three-month administrative assignment. During this time, she implemented a comprehensive re-organization and streamlining of the client intake process at NHSNYC’s Homeownership Center in midtown Manhattan. As a result of this work, she was offered a full time position at NHSNYC. Ms. Mathurin ultimately earned her certification as a Housing Counselor and in 2010 was promoted to Program Manager at NHSNYC’s Homeownership Center. She served in this position until January 2016.

Prior to joining NHSNYC, Ms. Mathurin worked at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)-St. Lucia for 15 years, where her work included the areas of customer service, auditing and compliance, as well as serving as Assistant Branch Managing. She also worked for Digicel, a telecommunications company, in the areas of client relations, training and quality control.