Lead Elimination Action Program (LEAP)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Inc. (NHSBS), partnered with the Environmental Education Associates (EEA) to provide marketing and outreach services to residents in Central Brooklyn, promoting the New York City Lead Elimination Action Program (NYC LEAP). The program provides homeowners, property owners and local contractors the opportunity to address lead poisoning in a safe and cost-effective manner and significantly improve the health of their families and neighborhoods.

NHSBS and EEA have been active champions in bringing lead awareness information and assistance to the communities and neighborhoods throughout Central Brooklyn with events, seminars and workshops, on the dangers of lead poisoning and contamination.

Under the Lead Connections program, eligible property owners can receive up to $4,000.00 in materials and supplies in order to address their lead problems; qualified grant recipients must attend a Lead Safe Work Practice/Local Law 1 workshop facilitated at the NHS of Bedford-Stuyvesant office – located at 1012 Gates Avenue (between Ralph Avenue and Broadway). Upon completion, a free Lead Safe Risk Assessment will be scheduled and conducted by a Lead Safe Professional from the Environmental Education Associates.

Please check our course calendar for upcoming LEAP workshops. For more information, click here to send us an email. to send us an email.