Open The Door Campaign – New Videos and Community Connector

As you know, Home Matters launched its #OpenTheDoor campaign last summer with three videos to build awareness about home’s impact on larger social issues. The campaign will spark a conversation about the lack of safe homes and livable communities and how it affects our health, education, financial and personal success – nationally and locally. In addition, the campaign helps connect people who want to donate, volunteer or are in need, to now almost 400 Home Matters supporting organizations across America.

As we launch the next set of videos we are going to advertise and push people to our Community Connector and ultimately…your organization!  As mainstream Americans see the videos and want to get involved they’ll be directed to their hometown, their neighborhoods, and their communities…that’s where you come in!

Make sure your Community Connector profile is up-to-date.  See below for instructions.

Hurry!  Get Your Work Connected On Our “Community Connector” – Take Charge of Your Profile

Let’s get started.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to register your organization on Home Matters’ new Community Connector.  And if you have, make sure you’ve created an “Act Now” post.

As a supporting organization, you can login and customize your organizational profile, and most importantly, setup new “Act Now” posts to get the support you need for your organization’s work – anything from fundraising events to local town-hall meetings to petition signing – all to garner support via calls-to-action most relevant to your work.


A staff person in your organization should have received an email with a specific login link, as the “administrative contact”.  If not, or you’re not sure who your administrative contact is, just email us and we’ll get them setup. We’ll then send you instructions on how to login.

Otherwise, login and get started:

Also, check out our “How To” webinar to watch a step-by-step walk through of the features (webinar starts at 5:20 – fast forward to 5:20 and “play”).

Why Do It?

As Home Matters continues to build awareness and grab mainstream America’s attention, we want to drive interested individuals to our organizational supporters and get them more involved in home & community building. We also want to sustain more active engagement with our supporting organizations and the overall movement to work together to ensure every American has a safe, nurturing place to call Home.

Get started now and stay tuned for the launch of the exciting new videos next month!

Open the Door Videos