Financial Capability

Financial Capability

The Financial Capability Program is an educational course that gives New York City residents the tools and support they need to take control of their financial future.

Through this program, NHSNYC recommends an affordable monthly housing cost based on their situation. We provide individual financial coaching support for strengthening personal finances. We begin this process by assessing a family’s annual income, monthly expenses, and total savings, as well as debt and assets.

Your financial coach will work with you to create and review your budget, formulate a financial action plan, establish short-and long-term financial goals, and review your credit report.

To complement and support our Financial Coaching, we offer educational workshops in a group setting on the following topics: Money Management, Family Budgeting, Banking Products and Services, Saving for an Emergency, Managing Credit, What A Credit Report Means, How to Be an Informed Consumer: Smart Shopping Tips and Tricks.

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