Member SIPC, FINRA & NYSE | A wholly owned subsidiary of Stifel Financial Corp. 787 7th Avenue | New York, New York 10019 | (212) 887-7777 Congratulations to honoree John R. Buran President & Chief Executive Officer Flushing Bank for the tremendous honor and recognition Fran Justa Commitment to Affordable Housing Award From your friends at KBW A Stifel Company ©2017 Bank of America Corporation | SPN-128-AD | ARMWTPSR We recognize one of the most precious resources in our community — you Thanks to you, things are getting done and our community is becoming a better place to live and work. Thanks to your leadership, the lives of your neighbors are being changed for the better. Bank of America recognizes Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City. Community leaders like you are a vital resource and an inspiration to us all. Visit us at Life’s better when we’re connected®