Project Description

We provide Training and Technical Assistance Services for residents to effectively run limited-equity cooperatives. We cultivate the skill sets necessary to develop and sustain successful cooperative housing.

Through classes, workshops, election monitoring, and one-on-one meetings/phone calls, NHSNYC will advise residents on managing and maintaining their limited-equity co-ops and guiding building residents as they convert from rentals to affordable co-ops.

Skills Building Sessions
Improve skills for financial reporting, invoice and payment processes, service and contractor procurement, rent and rent arrears collection, building inspections and maintenance, tenant association elections, computer literacy, English proficiency, tenant communications, and incident reporting.

Information Sessions
Disseminate information and materials to help participants comply with program rules and become more effective shareholders and tenant association officers.

Technical Assistance Sessions
Provide training directly to Tenant Associations (TAs) and Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs). Through this technical assistance, program clients learn to manage and maintain their co-ops by:

  • Conducting annual TA elections
  • Financial reporting and rent collections
  • Budget preparations and tax payments
  • Ensure monthly TA meetings take place
  • Repair and improvement of the property
  • Monitoring building performance
  • Water conservation.

For more information about the program, please contact any TIL team member.